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Ontario is finally making it a lot easier to renew your driver’s license and health card

Faris Jamil - The Nation Post - Real Estate marketer & Analyzer
By: Faris Jamil


The provincial government announced today that it is making it easier and more convenient for people to keep their IDs up to date.

You can finally go paperless and opt for digital reminders to renew your driver’s licence, health card, and even licence plate in Ontario.

You can choose to get your reminders to renew by email, text, phone call, or any combination of the above. You’ll get two reminders to renew your ID, one 60 days before expiry, and another 30 days before.

You can sign up for these digital reminders so long as you either have a full driver’s licence, green photo health card, or Ontario Photo Card, or you’re above the age of 16.

The digital reminders are not available for people with a novice-class driver’s licence, such as a G1.

“We’re constantly improving government services to make life easier for people and businesses,” Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery Kaleed Rasheed said.

These digital reminders can be helpful in keeping all your identification up to date, so you can continue to access critical services and avoid hefty fines.

You can renew your licence plate, driver’s licence, health card, accessible parking permit, and Ontario Photo Card online via

You can sign up for these new digital reminders through this online portal, or by calling ServiceOntario at 1-800-387-3445.

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