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AFN Launches Independent Probe into Financial Management Amidst Funding Allegations

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The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) announced today the initiation of an independent investigation into its financial management practices following allegations of misappropriation of funds by its former Chief Financial Officer, Jocelyn Archibald. The probe aims to address concerns and ensure organizational transparency and accountability.

The decision to undertake this comprehensive investigation comes from recent media reports highlighting financial irregularities within the AFN. These allegations have raised serious concerns among Indigenous communities nationwide and necessitate a thorough examination to restore public trust.

The AFN, representing the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples in Canada, acknowledges the significance of financial integrity in serving its constituents. National Chief RoseAnne Archibald expressed her deep concern over the allegations and reiterated the AFN’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of financial governance.

“I take these allegations very seriously. As a leader, it is my responsibility to uphold the trust of our communities and ensure that our financial resources are managed ethically and with accountability,” said National Chief RoseAnne Archibald. “We owe it to our members to conduct a comprehensive investigation to address these concerns and to take appropriate actions based on the findings.”

To carry out the independent probe, the AFN has engaged the services of a reputable external auditing firm specializing in forensic accounting and financial investigations. The firm will thoroughly review the organization’s financial practices, examine financial records, and scrutinize the allegations against Jocelyn Archibald.

The investigation will focus on the period during which Jocelyn Archibald held the position of Chief Financial Officer, seeking to ascertain the accuracy of the allegations and determine if any financial improprieties have occurred. The AFN is committed to fully cooperating with the independent auditors and providing them unrestricted access to all relevant documents and personnel.

The AFN is dedicated to transparency throughout this process and will communicate the investigation findings to its members and the public. In addition, appropriate actions will be taken to rectify any identified deficiencies and prevent such issues from occurring.

The Assembly of First Nations remains steadfast in its mission to advocate for Indigenous rights, improve the quality of life for First Nations peoples, and foster meaningful relationships with the federal and provincial governments. This investigation demonstrates the AFN’s commitment to its membership and the responsible stewardship of financial resources.

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